Prestashop paypal error

Prestashop paypal module

This post introduces a serie of Prestashop tutorials. Because you need various type of addons to keep your Prestashop online store running, we will not talk not about Easy Retail Manager but also about other related topics we think could help.

Paypal is a worldwide payment gate allowing both electronic payment and money transfer. It is a good alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and does not require a subscription to start. Paypal is now probably the most famous payment gate in the world.

Prestashop comes with a free Paypal plug-in. Last month I was setting up a Prestashop web store to one of my customer. When I came to the payment gate configuration and test. I kept getting this message at the end of checkout just before payment. I have an ssl cert but can’t understand why this kept coming up. I have spent  few hours trying to work it out so far and it was driving me mad.

PayPal response:
TIMESTAMP -> 2013-06-25T19:52:02Z
L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10002
L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Security error
L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> Security header is not valid

Well It has a link with my module configuration. In most cases, this error is caused by human mistakes. This error indicates that something goes wrong with your Paypal account information(API user/signature) to authenticate you to communicate with Paypal server. So the solution is pretty much simple. In the one hand side, make sure you have input correct information.  Then go to the Settings tab in the PayPal module page. Make sure that the first line that says: Sandbox mode (tests): is set to “Inactive” .  I had mine set to “Active” […]

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Prestashop template MetroShop

MetroShop – Premium Responsive PrestaShop theme with powerful admin panel and unlimited colors!.

MetroShop is a universal 100% responsive PrestaShop theme for any kind of shop with stylish MetroUI style design, 9 unique exclusive theme modules and powerful backend with more than 300+ features and settings and it’s created with using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features. Admin panel with easy navigation and dozens of configuration options allows you to change every thing in theme. You can manage colors of theme elements, select 500+ amazing fonts, apply 200+ pattern backgrounds and setup different theme settings and effects.

This theme suits perfectly to our products that we reason why we are using it for our own shop. Find an example at

100% PrestaShop 1.5.x compatible

100% Responsive theme

Built in Flexslider slider

9 unique PrestaShop modules developed exclusively for this theme!

Unique theme admin panel with 300+ configurable options and features

1 or 2 column layout support for category pages (choose from admin panel)

Superfish Menu feature with custom menus support and Unique Admin Panel module

Sliders for Related and Up-sell products on Product Page

Sliders for New and Sale products on HomePage (can be changed to grid display from admin panel)

Advanced promo banners for home page (see Demo site). Setup from Admin panel.

About shop block on HomePage with contacts column and admin panel Module

Product options & attributes support (size, colors, etc)

Unlimited color combination and themes – make your own color themes from admin panel

Custom background textures and images, you can upload your own backgrounds and textures in theme admin panel

206 texture backgrounds (most transparent!) included (more coming soon!)

500 Google Fonts for your shop included (you change […]

Prestashop 1.5 free module slider

prestashop free modules

This is a free slider module for Prestashop v1.5+. It’s really awesome and easy to use for anyone. In the configuration page, find a step by step guide and tooltip so easy usage is guaranteed.

Moving the module from one hook to another is very easy.


16 unique transition effects
Simple clean & valid markup
Title & Caption text (can be HTML)
Linkable images
Configuration via backend
Publish, Delete, Edit each slide separately
Multi language support
4 module position (top, content, left and right sidebar)
Now you can send Bugs and Feedback in the module (for easier development and support)

Browser Support

Internet Explorer v7+
Firefox v3+
Google Chrome v4+
Safari v4+
Opera v10+


Upload/move the minicslider directory (dont forget to remove the -master from the name of the directory) into your modules folder and install the module from the back office as usual.

Github Download

Get the paid version

EZRM grows with your business

Prestashop free modules to advanced paid ones

When starting out an online business, it is sensible to start small but a business should always be looking to grow and develop. There will always be people who are happy to keep things at a minimal level but if your business is successful, it is inevitable that demand that will rose and more and more people will flock towards your products or services. This is where online retailers have a decision to make. Do they want to keep ticking along at the same level or do they decide to scale upwards and offer improved services and more options for their customers?

If it is the latter, help is definitely at hand for any online retailer to make the move upwards. It is important to be able to have the right system in place that will allow upward growth. This is where many online retailers decide to look at Prestashop as a way of providing a reliable online outlet for their business. For many firms, this free to use software is ideal but if you want to start scaling your business upwards, you will soon start to find that Prestashop has limitations. It is an excellent service for what it provides and of course having no cost but in the business world, customers won’t accept poor quality service just because you are running a free software service as your back and front-end of the business.

If your business grows, make sure your operations grows with it

The Easy Retail Manager system has been created to provide support for Prestashop users when they find […]

Prestashop bulk price update for sales season

Prestashop bulk price update for sales

Easy Retail Manager is suitable for any business. Here is an example of a success story with EZRM. This case study shows how Easy Retail Manager helped our customer to prepare his shop for the summer sale in France.

Thomas owns an Italian suite shop. He runs his business online from his house. He sells shoes, trousers, socks, shirts and suites for men. He has been using Prestashop since 2 years now. A local service provider (basically a web developer) helped him to migrate his web store to the latest version Prestashop

While maintaining his Prestashop store, Thomas wanted to prepare his web store for the Paris Summer sales 2013 where he allowed 20% off all products. He may also need to increase the prices right after the sales season or maybe due to an increase in supplies. This activities could have been tedious and a time consuming process if Thomas has a handful of products. Since he has thousands, this seems downright impossible.

Thomas was locking for a module to reflect the new prices the day before the sales started. Since Prestashop 1.5 is a brand new version only few modules are available. Fortunately, Thomas contacted the Easy Retail Manager team. We advised Thomas to buy the bundle catalogue management for the time being. We showed him how he could decrease/increase the product prices in only few seconds. Thomas used Easy Retail Manager for Prestashop to perform his catalogue update. This removed him the hassle of contacting a contractor.

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    Prestashop Point of sale (POS) – integrating physical store and online webstore

Prestashop Point of sale (POS) – integrating physical store and online webstore

Saint Joseph is a bookshop based in Colombia, SC USA. The local church community has experienced significant growth. Then they decided to setup an online website to sell books. The bookshop required a central point of access for stock information. Indeed keeping accurate as most as possible the number of books available is important to keep the business running. On the one hand the user needed to display a message on the web page when only few items are available in the stock and one the other hand, the retailer would like to notify the publisher when the stock is running low.

Prestashop was a first choice because it easy to use. And even better Jack found Easy Retail Manager as a suitable solution to satisfy her need. We advised our customer to buy just Easy Retail Manager for Prestashop Point of Sale plug-in. Thanks to Windows 8 and the ACER Aspired V5 touch screen laptop; our customer can run his business by using EZRM without any additional hardware. Finding suitable software out the box was very important. Now Jack is planning to extend his license to buy a plug-in to assist him in inventory management.

Easy Retail Manager can also help you to decrease the time to maintain your catalog by an order of magnitude. Find out more about our packages at

Prestashop Warehouse theme

Looking for a theme for customize your Prestashop ecommerce website? Themeforest is the a marketplace you should go. There are very good themes at Themeforest you can buy at a fair price.

Warehouse responsive HTML5 theme for Prestashop is the top selling item on Themeforest at this moment. It comes with many advanced modules. What is more, this template is search engine optimisation friendly. The developer relied on Prestashop default theme.

Envato is an ecosystem of sites to help developers to sell first class items from templates to php scripts. You can also buy images, or video templates. Developers update themselves and improve their skills from tutorials and videos produced by the Envato team.

Easy Retail Manager and synchronization with a drop shipper

EZRM as Prestashop dropship module

In the modern world, companies need to update quite often their product descriptions and price information from their suppliers or product manufacturers. In the reality, allowing them to focus on others aspects on their business is one of their top requests.

As Prestashop is getting more and more popular like Wappalyzer shows it is the most downloaded shopping cart in April 2013, how can Easy Retail Manager helps them to integrate their webstore with any drop shipping systems?

While other Prestashop inventory management tools focus on a very specific dropshipping company, we try our best to accommodate with a wide range of suppliers.

Last month, one of our customers came along with his request. He is about to setup a new Prestashop web store. His supplier is a dropshipping firm. The customer was looking for a tool to import all his product information, product pictures, and categories to his webstore. Besides that he wanted to track the stock level. Easy Retail Manager was the software he was looking for.

First we had developed a customized addon to import both the pictures and the catalogue from the supplier website into his store. Easy Retail Manager helped him to import 2000 items in 1 day. Thanks to the product import/export/sync plugin, today our customer is able to manage every single instance of boutique into his database, to import and synchronize his stock information with the CSV files released by his supplier. The plugin Prestashop import/export/sync is quite advanced, flexible, scalable, multi boutique, multilanguage and user friendly.

At the […]

Easy Retail Manager Is Suitable For Any Business Size

When thinking about the best range of products and software developments to drive your business forward, you need to think about your own business first. It is all very good looking at the biggest firms in the world or the biggest companies in your industry but their working life is likely to be massively different to you. A company that has a strong global presence is going to face different pressures than an emerging industry that you currently operate from home so you shouldn’t always look at the top before you make your next move.

Knowing your own business needs and how you want to develop your business is one of the most important aspects for a firm before they make any buying decision. You should always ensure that you take the time and effort to weigh up your budget constraints compared to what you want to provide to the customer. This is a far better gauge of what you should be buying as opposed to just looking at what the best seller in the industry is. The thing is though, there is a product that is great for online retailers of all sizes and you should be checking out the Easy Retail Manager range of apps and services.

Easy Retail Manager Works Tremendously With Prestashop

First of all, Easy Retail Manager has been created and configured to work well with Prestashop. In fact, Easy Retail Manager has been declared the most promising module by many industry experts and it is certainly being viewed as the best Prestashop module in 2013. This is high praise but once you use the module, even for a limited period of time, you […]