Customise Your Way With Easy Retail Manager

One of the hardest things in business is telling the difference between the things you need to have and the things that you like to have. Given the financial considerations that are being placed on businesses these days, there is a strong need to seriously weigh up every buying decision to make sure that a good level of value is being gained from a purchase. If you don’t spend money on a certain product, this is money that can be used in other ways. There is an opportunity cost involved with a number of different products and purchases so businesses really need to think seriously about what they buy.

Any online business that utilises Prestashop knows that it is a great tool and provides a great service in serving online customers. There is a problem though in that it lacks many of the real business tools that would help a business to become even more efficient. This is why many businesses look to find a solution they can attach to Prestashop that allows them to get the best of the original features but also tailor the service more towards their own needs. There are many great products to choose from but there is a lot to be said for Easy Retail Manager being regarded as the most promising Prestashop module. If you are looking to effectively and efficiently manage your store, Easy Retail Manager could be exactly what you need.

Develop your business your way

The benefits of Easy Retail Manager are well discussed online but one of the biggest benefits of this system is commonly overlooked. With this software […]

Easy Retail Manager or Integrating Prestashop With Existing Information Systems

In the modern business world, firms and entrepreneurs are continually being told about the latest wonder product that will make all the difference to their business. As technology advances, there are always going to be products that come along that claim to blow away the opposition and will help to automate your business processes. In an ideal world, this would be great, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business but in reality, this is rarely the case.

What most business managers are looking for, as opposed to a new product that will provide a one-stop solution for all of their business problems is something that can integrate with their existing information systems? Most businesses have already put a great deal of time and effort into setting up databases, organising stock systems and all of the other key elements that help them run their business. Switching away from all of these systems to a new system would actually cause a lot of disruption as opposed to making life easier. While there should always be a business desire to extend your store capabilities, there should also be a desire to improve what you have as opposed to ripping your entire business system up and starting all over again.

Stick with the systems that work for you

This is where the capabilities of the Easy Retail Manager system is the ideal solution for firms looking to grow and develop their business. The software works excellently well with the Prestashop software and many other information systems packages, including Excel. Given the importance of Excel for modern businesses, it is important that any new product would be capable of working alongside […]

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Easy Retail Manager provides the pathway to success

 While communication in business is vital, there are certain things that need to be correct and added to the mix to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Businesses that sell to customers need to make sure that their databases are connected so that the right product will go to the right customers. It may sound like a simple task but ensuring that your databases are connected and that they are all hooked up to the printer so that delivery labels can be printed off easily and with one click is fairly important in the modern business world.

It is so often the small things that can be overlooked that cause the biggest problems and this is where the mix of information system elements really needs to be considered. When you add in staff, software packages and hardware elements like the printer to the data that you have with regards the customer, you have a strong mix of the different components that make up the running of your business.

You need confidence in your connections

If any of these processes go wrong or are not linked up to another, things can start to go wrong. This is where you need to ensure that all of these elements are strongly linked and this is where the use of Easy Retail Manager can make all the difference. When this element is added, you may be amazed at how you can save time and become far more efficient in your operation. Every business should be looking at ways to improve how they manage efficiently and effectively your store and having this software to pull every element together can make a big difference.

If […]

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Get To Grips With Prestashop With Easy Retail Manager

The emergence of online shopping has seen many people and businesses develop their business and sell to people from all over the world. There is certainly an exciting retail opportunity allied to the emergence of online shopping but if you are setting up an online shop or retail outlet, it is important to have the proper structure in place. You want to be able to grow your business and appeal to as many customers as possible but you also need to protect customers and their information while providing an efficient service.

This can be a difficult process for many people but with Prestashop, life is a lot easier for any online retailer. The fact that thousands of online stores around the world use this service not only provides you with confidence, it places you in the heart of a community working hard to better themselves. Using Prestashop is a great way to create an online presence but if you are looking for stronger support and better service, teaming Prestashop with the Easy Retail Manager product can bring about brilliant results.

The software is very easy to use

Even if you have limited computer skills, you will be delighted with how easy the Easy Retail Manager system is to install and use. There is a great installation wizard that is highly intuitive and requires no more than a number of clocks to get you up and running with this tool. You will also be delighted to learn that this product has a reliable and robust password protection system for your desktop.

Easy Retail Manager has been created for Prestashop users and if you are familiar with the Prestashop 1.5 […]

Get Better Catalogue Management With Easy Retail Manager

Making the most of your time and energy when running an online store is often the secret to success. This means obtaining a higher level of efficiency and there are many different ways to do this. A lot of online retailers have already found that utilising Pretashop provides them with a good foundation for making the most of their retail opportunities but there are even more ways to benefit from the correct labelling and categorising of your site.

This is where the Easy Retail Manager software, created with Pretashop users in mind, provides a great number of benefits with respect to providing categories on your site.

When looking to make life easier for a customer, it is important to be able to guide them to where they want to be. If a customer is not able to find the products or services that they want to buy from you in an easy manner, they are likely to go elsewhere. It is not always possible to guarantee a sale within the first few seconds of a visitor joining a site but there are ways in which you can lose a sale in this period.

Set up your categories with ease and confidence

It is extremely important to have the layout of your site correctly configured and this is where the Easy Retail Manager software can make a difference. One of the first steps you can take in configuring your site correctly is to set a category as the root category. This creates the top level category, allowing an easier filtering down through the separate categories that you may have available.

While it is good to have the root […]

Feel supported with Prestashop and Easy Retail Manager

When setting up a business, even an online business, it is important to know where you can turn to in order to get the right level of support. This is where finding the right people to turn to or at least the right level of online support can make all the difference. It is often difficult enough meeting the needs of your customers and finding the right level of service but a business owner needs to feel as though they are supported in creating their site and running their business too. This is where the Prestashop option is of great benefit to any online retailor but for anyone looking to add an added level of support and assistance, Easy Retail Manger is the best solution around.

Easy Retail Manager has been created to be used with Prestashop so if you already feel confident in using Prestashop, you will be ahead of the game in this respect. There is an intuitive and easy feel to this software so don’t worry about feeling that the software and its benefits are well beyond you. If you have the confidence and abilities to run an online store, you will be able to get the benefits of Easy Retail Manager.

However, it is good to know that a helping hand is available and this is something that all customers will benefit from. Easy Retail Manager provides a great number of user documents that provides you with the insight and knowledge to make the most of the service. We all like to learn in different ways and if you are the sort of user that likes […]