When setting up a business, even an online business, it is important to know where you can turn to in order to get the right level of support. This is where finding the right people to turn to or at least the right level of online support can make all the difference. It is often difficult enough meeting the needs of your customers and finding the right level of service but a business owner needs to feel as though they are supported in creating their site and running their business too. This is where the Prestashop option is of great benefit to any online retailor but for anyone looking to add an added level of support and assistance, Easy Retail Manger is the best solution around.

Easy Retail Manager has been created to be used with Prestashop so if you already feel confident in using Prestashop, you will be ahead of the game in this respect. There is an intuitive and easy feel to this software so don’t worry about feeling that the software and its benefits are well beyond you. If you have the confidence and abilities to run an online store, you will be able to get the benefits of Easy Retail Manager.

Software support is available where and when you need it

However, it is good to know that a helping hand is available and this is something that all customers will benefit from. Easy Retail Manager provides a great number of user documents that provides you with the insight and knowledge to make the most of the service. We all like to learn in different ways and if you are the sort of user that likes to read up on what a software solution can offer them, you are well catered for here. The use of quality illustrations also makes it easier to learn all about the services and you should be well equipped to make the most of what is on offer.

If you are more of a visual person as opposed to a reader, you will be delighted to learn that Easy Retail Manager provides a great range of video user manuals. There is nothing more comforting than seeing a video walk-through of what you should be doing, allowing you to use the software as intended with the minimum of fuss and effort. Knowing that you can pause and replay the video tutorials to your heart’s content will be of great comfort to all users, providing them with the perfect platform to make the most of their online time.

Chat to other users in the forum

This is not the extent of the Easy Retail Manager support system though, in fact, there is a lot more on offer. If you would prefer to chat to others in the business community, you have the perfect opportunity to do so in the user forum. This is great because many other users are likely to have experienced the same problems that you counter so there will likely be solutions already available for any issues you have. If you have a problem and want the advice of other users, all you have to do is join in the forum fun and community support will be on hand.

If no one in the Easy Retail Manager community is able to provide an answer, you should turn to the tech team for support. There is a ticket system ensuring that any problems that you have will be dealt with swiftly by a trained member of staff. There is also a suggestion box system where you can provide feedback and raise ideas which could bring about solutions for problems that you or other users may be experiencing.

It doesn’t matter if English is your first language or not because the Easy Retail Manager support system is applicable for numerous languages. This can help to speed up the learning process and many users will feel a lot more comfortable in learning about a topic or how to get the best from the software in their own language.

With free updates available during the time-frame of the licence, users should be confident that they will always be able to get their hands on the latest version of the software. In an ever changing online business world, this is the sort of support and innovation that can make a big difference to how confident you feel when providing a retail service.

To get the most from a software service, you need to be confident about using it and this is something that Easy Retail Manager really provides to all Prestashop users.