Prestashop  Easy Retail Manager is a really user-friendly application. Thank to it I can effectively manage all the aspect of my retail business from the catalogue to the order processing. Indeed there are many possibilities to change and update my product description, price, and quantity.  EZRM is a very easy way to import products with any detail,  category, it takes my native Excel spreadsheet file. Just WOW! Besides, It scalable, the first month I bought the cataloguement management package, then as  soon as my customers started buying, I extended EZRM to the Advanced version. What a support, I feel supported with Prestashop 1.5 and Easy Retail Manager
Al McManaman, USA
” This product saves me 1 hour every day of managing my orders. I find all in one place all the information I need. I can even print out professional delivery label as well as receipts.  In my option, this is a great product you should keep an eye one.”
Yannick, Wholesaler Belgium
“What a great product and very easy to use. I was just impressed how easy it is to import many pictures in just 1 click! After 5 minutes I’m using like I have been using for ages.”
Emilie, France


Thank you for this tool in a compact and user friendly interface
Emma Ohox, My Company
What a dynamic company. Always available to support me above all. I really appreciate your helpdesk
Ben, My Company
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